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As a child, I wanted to either be a teacher or a doctor. Not sure exactly which direction to go in college, I ended up studying Biology, with a goal of furthering my education in the field of physical therapy or medicine. I figured I'd get some real world experience and foray into teaching later in life, perhaps.


My father's cancer diagnosis and death at age 44, just as I was finishing my undergraduate degree, shattered my paradigm of the Western Medical system. Walking alongside him as he journeyed through standard oncological protocols was eye opening and depressing. I knew, at my young age of 24, that something was just not right. It seemed the providers had the best of intentions but many red flags had been raised. There was a sense of greed and ineptitude that was palpable.


Seeing medicine with a new perspective, I was compelled to pursue a more holistic and alternative education. While I explored my options, I had a good opportunity fall into my lap and started working as a contracted vocational counselor for the WA State Department of Labor and Industries. In this capacity I assisted injured workers with return to work planning and retraining. I completed coursework and testing to become a Certified Disability Management Specialist.


Soon thereafter, with my dream of moving into the healing field still alive, I applied and was accepted to the Naturopathic Medicine program at Bastyr University. But, life (and love) swept me in another direction, and I instead found myself buying my first home, rescuing my first dog, (breaking off an engagement), and settling into a fun and free lifestyle as a young adult in a vibrant college town. 

I ultimately worked with that vocational firm for almost 20 years and have been trying to find my way back to my heart's true calling the whole time. Once I met the man I knew I wanted to start a family with, we were soon married and had a baby on the way, our sweet daughter. As we prepared to bring a newborn into our lives it became clear that a 5-year naturopathy degree wasn't in my immediate future. Instead, I pivoted within the company and studied to become a certified ergonomics specialist, a new service being offered and one that was more in sync with my natural abilities. I had a leadership role and helped build the ergonomics and assistive technology divisions, which was challenging and rewarding. I also enjoyed helping people prevent injuries versus working with them post-injury, and it was a bit of a bridge to the yoga I'd fallen in love with in my mid-20s (I became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor in 2009 and now practice many styles).


The firm secured the ergonomics contract with Microsoft and I was able to join the Microsoft ergonomics team, where I provided evaluations on campus and remotely to employees across the United States. I worked in this capacity for over 7 years, also consulting for numerous other employers throughout the Puget Sound, including Boeing, Providence Medical Centers, and King County. I started my own ergonomics company in 2019 as I saw a need for a quality equipment provider in the region, and consulted and/or provided equipment for clients that included WA Department of Labor and Industries and Amazon. These were cush gigs -- frankly, I earned a good full-time salary with part-time hours, always on my schedule, and most often from home. But I always felt that I didn't belong and needed to get out before I became a lifer. I didn't want to be in the rat race or support corporate malfeasance (although I didn't know nearly the breadth of it at the time). My heart was never fully in it.

Thankfully I listened to my internal voice and left the ergonomics firm, and Microsoft, in mid-2019. What a blessing to not have been there when the lockdowns occurred. All of the in-person ergonomics work I'd been doing for corporate employers immediately dried up. As I slowly began to understand what was really happening in the world, it became clear that it was time to step into the work I'd been thinking about for most of my life.  

Since 2020 I've obtained certifications in Functional Nutrition and Quantum Coaching. I recently received training in Phlebotomy and IV Therapy, and am taking an Expert Master Seminar in Oxidative Health through the Kalcker Institute. I'm highly self-taught and am also currently deep into research of autism, among other topics.

Along the way I've been on a healing journey. I've moved through an eating disorder I developed in high school and struggled with for 15 years. I've grieved my father's passing and have learned (and am learning) from a variety of addictive habits. It's a continuous process and the healing never really stops....  or maybe it does? I'd like to think so. 

First and foremost, I've come to understand the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual health as they are closely entwined. Going through a deep physical healing is a prerequisite to emotional and spiritual healing, and vice-versa. Learning to physically heal is one of my favorite research topics.

I'm also a musician and writer and have the following creative project:

I am grateful to have crossed paths and am here to support! We are all children of the God, here to help each other during this lifetime.

<3 Mikkel 



Mikkel Lee \\ Tel: 360-778-9718

Sandpoint, ID


Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

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