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I am....

     a child of God

     a wife and mother of 2

     a lover of animals

     an athlete/movement aficionado

     a yogi (many styles) + yoga teacher (Bikram)

     a science enthusiast (BS in Biology from Pacific Lutheran University)

     self-taught in holistic food and wellness for 25+ years     

     a creator

     a musician (aethersreach.com)

     a certified ergonomics evaluation consultant 

     a certified quantum coach 

     a certified functional nutrition counselor 

     a believer in speaking truth

     always seeking and learning

     in nature as much as possible

     imperfect + continually healing

     here to help



mikkel@cdhealingarts.com \\ Tel: 360-778-9718

Sandpoint, ID


Thank you! I will be in touch soon.