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Inflammation reduction, cancer treatment, systemic infection, surgery recovery/wound healing, traumatic brain injury/concussion, mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.), multiple sclerosis/neurological conditions, spectrum disorders, detoxification, pathogen elimination (mold/fungus, candida, bacteria, parasites), long-haul Covid/Covid jab/spike protein injuries, etc.

Hyperbaric Oxygen can be utilized for:

Any bodily process that relies on oxidative reactions will be enhanced by hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

The Dr. Ardis Show

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment:

Is it the Answer to Your Health Issues?

1 Session:  $40

10-Session Package:  $350

Dry Fields


Mikkel Lee \\ Tel: 208-603-1978

Sandpoint, ID


Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

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