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F You, cancer. And F all those who contribute to the suppression of cures.

Cancer is treatable by a plethora of natural, accessible modalities. The best cancer remedies are cost-effective and provide broad spectrum healing without ravaging all body systems in the process. A cancer diagnosis is a healing crisis; if approached properly, it can lead to a major physical/spiritual/emotional upgrade that you'll benefit from the rest of your life.

My father's journey with cancer did not have a happy ending. Cancer did not kill him -- chemotherapy did. At the time, my mother had learned of the Burzynski Clinic but my father wasn't ready for a non-traditional course of treatment. We weren't aware of the importance of exploring alternative therapy and respected his wishes. We trusted the system.

Thankfully, the underground network of openminded, awake people sharing real healing tools is thriving and rapidly expanding. Please share these treatments to spread the truth. Together we can spare as many as possible from the unnecessary, widespread effects of "traditional" treatment.

As we know from the work of Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, mindset is of utmost importance. Start there.

Modalities to consider (a combination of approaches is most effective):

Rick Simpson Oil 

(contact for product sourcing)

Turpentine therapy


Laetrile IV Therapy

Metabolic Therapy


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